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Nanowar Of Steel GLORYHAMMER Valhalleluja Angus McFire оскорбление чувств верующих удалённое ...#Metal фэндомы 


Brothers Of Metal Power Metal Heavy Metal Emblas Saga ...#Metal фэндомы 

Brothers of Metal - Theft of the Hammer (Emblas Saga, 2020)

Песня, основанная на одном из скандинавских мифов, в котором великан по имени Трюмр, захотев заполучить себе в жёны богиню Фрейю, решил украсть небезызвестный молот Мьёлльнир у столь же небезызвестного бога Тора. Для того же, чтобы вернуть молот законному владельцу, асами было принято решение нарядить в свадебное платье самого Тора и отправить его под видом Фрейи и в сопровождении Локи, переодетого служанкой, в замок Трюмра и застать великана врасплох.

He woke up in fear and doubt
Hammerless and mad
"Give it back at once you thief
Or I'll go tell my dad!"
Giant slayer, Jotun bane
Mjölnir is its name
It was stolen and defiled
Held as hostage in the giant's games

The adventure of the bride

And how Thor regained his pride

Stealing from a god

You clueless fools

I am the god of thunder

I will show you theft

Your world will fall

And crumble down before my might

Lightning and thunder, follow their path

As they hastily cross the sky

Bridesmaid and bride, ready for death

And the bloodbath that was nigh

Look there Loki said, as he pointed to the west

"A castle in the night"

The rage of Thor shone through the night

The thunder in his heart

Stealing from a god

You clueless fools

I am the god of thunder

I will show you theft

Your world will fall

And crumble down before me

Thunder followed by lightning

I'm crossing the sky

With vengeance in mind

Hear me, hammer of glory

I am on my way

As our bride waited for his first true kiss

His heart did beat with worry

The hammer must return

His dress fell to his feet

As he felt Mjölnir in his palm - Hammer time

The hammer has returned

Weapon in hand, he sprung from his seat

Crushing the skull of his groom

A massacre of a tremendous scale

Spreading blood across the room

The joy in his heart could not be met

The slaughter was truly obscene

The darkness within the lightning god

And a carnage seldom seen

Stealing from a god

You clueless fools

I am the god of thunder

I will show you theft

Your world will fall

And crumble down before my might


Black Metal Deathspell Omega The Furnaces of Palingenesia ...#Metal фэндомы 

Deathspell Omega - The Furnaces of Palingenesia (2019) France

00:00 - Neither Meaning nor Justice
02:16 - The Fires of Frustration
07:16 - Ad Arma! Ad Arma!
11:26 - Splinters from Your Mother's Spine
14:38 - Imitatio Dei
19:34 - 1523
23:12 - Sacrificial Theopathy
25:49 - Standing on the Work of Slaves
29:12 - Renegade Ashes
34:36 - Absolutist Regeneration
40:03 - You Cannot Even Find the Ruins…

Advent Sorrow depressive black metal 2019 песочница ...#Metal фэндомы 

сильнейший альбом австралийцев, их явно покусал тайпан, столько боли и ярости


In This Moment металкор песочница Metalcore ...#Metal фэндомы 

In This Moment - The In-Between

А вот и свежак от госпожи Марии.

Black Metal Death Metal Apparatus ...#Metal фэндомы 

Apparatus - Apparatus (2015) Denmark

1. Sermon I 0:00
2. The Unreverberate Blackness of the Abyss 2:59
3. Spheres 7:23
4. R'lyeh 10:49
5. Sermon II 15:10
6. Dissecting Temporal Dimensions to Afflict the Abyssi of Chronos 16:49
7. Miskatonic 22:48
8. King God 28:04
9. Sermon III 33:02
10. Prayer 35:16
11. Arkham 40:31

Glasslands screamo Post-hardcore песочница ...#Metal фэндомы 

Раскопал весьма валевных эмочей из США. Далеко не новинка, но почему-то раньше не попадалось.

Black Metal Death Metal Portal Игры ion ...#Metal фэндомы 

Portal - ION (2018) Australia

0:00 - 1. Nth
2:10 - 2. ESP Ion Age
5:37 - 3. Husk
9:21 - 4. Phreqs
14:15 - 5. Crone
17:42 - 6. Revault of Volts
21:36 - 7. Spores
24:03 - 8. Phathom
27:15 - 9. Olde Guarde

death doom metal AMORPHIS acoustic Genelec Artist Room песочница live ...#Metal фэндомы 

Еще телега от Amorphis в акустике


Black Metal Immortal сироп kvlt показалось песочница Metal Other abbath ...#Metal фэндомы 

Black Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,Immortal,сироп,kvlt,показалось,песочница,Metal Other,abbath
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