Powerwolf The Sacrament of Sin Power Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

Powerwolf - The Sacrament Of Sin, 2018, Germany

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Riot V Armor of Light Heavy Metal Power Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

Riot V - Armor of Light, 2018, USA

Ÿ Ум ' ® r 1 wßfsm>.,Riot V,Armor of Light,Heavy Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,Power Metal

The Story Of Giotopia A Fantasy Tale On Music Symphonic Metal Progressive Metal Epic Metal Power Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

The Story Of Giotopia - A Fantasy Tale On Music - Part I, 2018, Belgium

A FANTASY TAL6 ON MUSÍG,The Story Of Giotopia,A Fantasy Tale On Music,Symphonic Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,Progressive Metal,Epic Metal,Power Metal


Follow The Cipher Modern Metal Power Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

Follow The Cipher - Follow The Cipher, 2018, Sweden

Follow The Cipher,Modern Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,Power Metal


Runelord A Message From The Past Heavy Metal Power Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

Runelord - A Message From The Past, 2018, Sweden

Runelord,A Message From The Past,Heavy Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,Power Metal

Saffire Where The Monsters Dwell Hard Rock Melodic Metal Progressive Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

Saffire - Where The Monsters Dwell, 2018, Sweden

Saffire,Where The Monsters Dwell,Hard Rock,Melodic Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,Progressive Metal

Saffire,Where The Monsters Dwell,Hard Rock,Melodic Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,Progressive Metal


#Music&Atmosphere Ayreon Progressive Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

Music&Atmosphere,Atmosphere&Music, музыка, music, M&A,фэндомы,Ayreon,Progressive Metal,Metal,Metal


White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive Heavy Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

White Wizzard - Infernal Overdrive, 2018, USA

White Wizzard,Infernal Overdrive,Heavy Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы


Don't Drop The Sword Path To Eternity Power Metal ...#Metal фэндомы 

Don't Drop The Sword - Path To Eternity, 2017, Germany

* *■ patb to Gterníty ys=t м** '4"-д*,Don't Drop The Sword,Path To Eternity,Power Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы


Galderia Power Metal The Universality ...#Metal фэндомы 

Galderia - The Universality - Rise, Legions Of Free Men, 2013, France                       скачать

Galderia,Power Metal,Metal,Metal,фэндомы,The Universality